Saturday, 25 August 2012

going crazy with brothers and cousins :D

okay..the night before i came back to jengkalifornia was so dull and boring (believe me..its killing me silently)
so i grabbed my old compact camera.. my phone.. (which equip with a FLASH LIGHT)

not to forget my brother and a cousin.. :D (miss them already :") )

and the results are shown below :).. peace yawww!


love you :")

errr..not sure about this..

and this one too..=.=

lots of luv dear readers :) <3

okay..memang tak cantik pun..sebab saya tak professional ..tapi saya puas hati sebab  apa yang saya nak buat..
menjadi.. (walaupun tak la perfect mana.. :)..okaylah kan?)